The five fruits are beneficial

The five fruits are beneficial . Are as follows: 1 . Bananas . Help in the treatment of diarrhea. Constipation as well . 2 ripe papaya . Good for the digestive system in the intestine . 3 ripe mangoes . Make stools soft . 4 apples . Nourish the stomach and intestines . 5 oranges . Allows the stomach and bowel movement . Besides reducing dyspepsia . The fruit is rich in poly phenols and carotenoids concentration Lavonia . These two awards are the antioxidants and iron. Can help reduce cholesterol. Durian but should be consumed in moderation . Or even hot fruit like mangosteen. Queen of fruit in Thailand helps reduce heat. The fiber in the fruit flesh to help the digestive system is well known that vitamin C -rich fruit . Eliminating the free radicals . Potassium and phosphorus metabolism , allowing the system to normal. Therefore, it is important to eat fruits worthy of health care . Which is not hard to find to eat .


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